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Do you love me?

November 6, 2008

Definitely comes out of the mouth of one of the cats in this video.

  I love this – even the most cynical non-animal-lover will hopefully enjoy this little chat.  I wonder what they were talking about.

Cheered my hungover self right up!

(Presets were awesome by the way – Sigur Ros tonight)


London on the Pull

May 5, 2008

In the 3 months I’ve been down in that there London, I’ve noticed how exercise-obsessed these folk are.  I mean, I’m not saying that Scottish people don’t work out – of course they do! But it’s rare you’ll hear anyone discussing it.  In London, however, my housemates and workmates punctuate most conversations with gym-chat, including the frustratingly regular utterance of “I can’t come out tonight, I have to go for a run”. 

I eat healthily and try to look after myself, but I don’t do gyms. I find gym-chat extremely boring and can’t think of anything worse than paying monthly for the privilege of feeling guilty.  Because I know I won’t go.  I hate doing anything I feel forced to do, so I’d rather watch what I eat, walk further and go dancing more often. 

But I’ve discovered why they do it – it’s a deadly weapon in the pulling-war!

Here’s my evidence:  

1)  I’m dancing away in a (really really bad and cheesy) club in Clapham.  I feel a tap on my arm and turn to see a guy in white T-shirt dancing with his mates. 

“You should come and dance over here with me” he shouts over the music. 

“Why?” I ask (a reasonable enough question I thought, after all, there were plenty of men on the dancefloor).  I start wondering what marvels lie in store for me if I dance next to him.  Perhaps he’s a movie-scout blown away by my dance-floor talent and I’m about to be discovered as the new Jessica Alba and cast in ‘Step Up 4: the Clapham years’. 

In answer he rolls up his sleeve, flexes his (albeit large) arm muscles and grins. 

Ah, the disappointment.


2)  I’m in a bar in Angel, drinking with some mates.  The music’s pretty good – re-mixes of NYPC, MGMT, Fischerspooner, Cut Copy – and the crowd’s started dancing. 

A guy dances over – “Alright girls?  You ‘aving a good night?”

Us – “yeah, good thanks!”

At this point the guy starts dancing right up to us, flexing his muscles, gesturing to his (clenched) torso, mouth open.  “c’mon girls, you know you want to dance!”

Me – “i would do, but you’re a bit scary”

Guy – ” what do you mean, scary!  check out this body”.  (shimmies) “c’mon girls, you have to dance!” (starts gyrating)

Me – “now you’re even scarier” (look at friend who looks like she’s dying to run away)

Guy  (sticks middle finger up at me) – “ah, fuck off then, bitch!”


So I did.   🙂


I’m off to scotland again next week to dance with some real men.  I’ll have a job to find them though, most are inside playing Grand Theft Auto IV!


La-la on tour

April 29, 2008

I haven’t written for ages properly, been too busy.  Now to cut a long story short, a summary of why:

People came to visit. REAL people.  Multiple times as well!  These included (in order of appearance):

Lee, Nina, Mum (she’s kind of obliged, but she did enjoy talking to the fish), Gary Wood, Lee (2nd appearance – star player so far!), Elaine, many people for house party including Greg and Jpo. 

A number of London-excursions happened featuring dancing, Midnight Juggernauts, a DJ set and meeting with Bloc Party, visiting the Crack, more dancing, a house party, Banksy-hunting, snow fights, visiting the filled-in Crack and I Am Kloot.

I went to Edinburgh. And Glasgow. But mostly Edinburgh.  A fun, fun, fun time was had.  Friday night had us dancing at Cabaret Voltaire to Krafty Kuts and Annie Nightingale, Saturday we were dancing at the Hive.  There were movies, faces, monkey moves, slapping and punching (of me), faces everywhere, Champ (or here), not much sleep and a hungover shopping trip which produced little to show but a camera (but WHAT a camera!).   So many of my favourite people in the world were there, one of the best trips up so far.

After the flurry of mad activity that has been the past 3 weeks, La-la is going to rest her weary legs for the former part of this weekend, in preparation for yet another Edinburgh tour next week. 

Rumour has it though that the bank holiday in London holds many a secret gathering. 

It’d be rude not to attend.


La-La’s Land

April 1, 2008

too tired for many words. Pictures will do. I went nightwalking, in London. It’s fun.






I like this. It kind of feels like me!dsc00862.jpg

🙂  That’s all x

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn..

March 15, 2008

Yet again I have adopted something recommended to me by my fellow blogger withwood but this really is worth it.

A site where everyday you upload just one photo; something that caught your eye, a picture that sums up your day, or perhaps you just think it’s a cool picture and want to share it.  Blipfoto is great. I love going onto the homepage and looking at the most recent pictures – it’s like getting a wee snapshot into all the different lives that are going on around you while you’re getting on with yours.  I was talking about this last week – about what it must be like to be someone else and whether they actually do think like I do (or perhaps i’m an anomaly and other folks’ brains work differently and I have never realised it!). 

What I love about this site is that people are SO nice to each other! I’ve yet to see a negative comment on a picture.  I also love to see what people think is interesting – you get the abstract ones of an interesting shape in a flower, even one of a gas hob which I really like! 

Then there are my favourites which are of people – I love photos of people so much.  I like to  think about who they might be, what they were thinking when the photo was taken, whether they had something to worry about or perhaps a secret that was making them happy.  I wouldn’t ever want to know though as that would ruin the picture for me.

Anyway, go look!  This is my page and here is my first effort:


A Date with Justice

February 17, 2008


I can take or leave Valentine’s Day. I’m perplexed when I see people walking down the street holding heart-shaped balloons on a string. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hopeless romantic, but I’m the kind of girl who appreciates a well thought-out mix-CD. This is why I will someday marry John Cusack.

This year, a special event happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Quite by accident a chance happening upon some extra tickets sealed my date with Justice.

The date started well. I spent a happy hour in my own company in a pub just off Tottenham Court Road with a beer. Watching the couples around me desperately making romantic effort I drank my Cusquena and exchanged a few words with a fellow lone drinker who turned out to be from a place called Australia (what are the odds?!). My fellow Justice-seeker, new-housemate-Ollie, soon joined me and over tapas we talked dolphins and breastmilk.

At the Astoria the illuminated Cross induced excitement. No fewer than 18 Marshall amps were used to full effect, and the crowd were on form. I was under no illusion of being the only one in my relationship and I soon found myself on a platform with two fellow daters Spike and Alan, who did a fine job of preventing me from being catapaulted face-first. I quickly learned the skill of jumping up and down whilst not falling off the platform, a talent I will take with me to future events.

By popular request, I took some videos. The footage is shaky at best due to said jumping up and down, however I believe I’ve succeeded in capturing a little of the excitement, plus if you’re eagle-eared you will hear the very moment I made acquaintance with my fellow-daters. The few blank moments are due to phone being knocked out of hand and recovered from air where it was duly flying.

gary wood is amazing!!!!

The Story of Aberfeldy and How One Speech Can Change the World

January 6, 2008

Boys dressed as girlsTeam Nic C (aka the best)Following years of unsatisfying and frankly shite hogmanay celebrations, normally spent freezing my arse off somewhere crammed on the Mound in Edinburgh coz we left it too late again to leave for the street party, this year a load of my friends and I decided to hire this bunkhouse in Aberfeldy.

 Now i’m not going to bore the (frankly already obviously bored!) few people who read my blog by describing every details but here are a few highlights!:

  • Hugs – I love hugs! I don’t like them from just anyone, but this lot were amazing!
  • Uno – the cheating, the anguish, the victory (mine)
  • Bollocks – the word that clinched Trivial Pursuit victory for team Nic C
  • Lee Shannon – his speech was worth his train fare alone; Lee has the ability to make everyone laugh whilst at the same time (sorry for the sentamentality) touching everyone’s hearts in the process! 
  • Ridiculous amounts of alcohol, including some particularly weird-tasting/looking liqueurs stolen from various parental stocks. Responsible for much of the weirdness throughout.
  • Boys being girls – Classic. Never knew they were that way inclined, however these boys made pretty ladies; makeup, dresses, high heels all made an appearance on various boys. Personally I found these trannies hard to resist….
  • Backwards clothes – seemed so logical at the time but am having a hard time remembering why…
  • Beerfest – an opportunity for Sam McMillan to whine, but set the standard of bad films everywhere and I wouldn’t have missed it!
  • Singing – with Greg Sanderson on guitar, Macca on percussion, Jamie Smith (mostly gay!) on lead vocals, Kate Beeching MC/soprano, the whole group on backing vocals and…not to be ignored (ever!) Sam McMillan on harmonica.  Genius.

Without trying to make anyone puke (although feel free if so inclined), I had the best hogmanay in years with my weird urban family. I love these guys!

A few highlights:

Team Nic C (AKA The Winners)

Team Nic C (aka the best)

Boys Dressed as Girls:

Boys dressed as girls

If 2008 continues as it began, I will be one happy girl!

Edimburger – old blog from 14 Dec 07

January 3, 2008
This was written on my old blog so I copied it across:


I’ve just spent the last 3 days in Edinburgh. Now, just to explain, it’s not that I don’t like Glasgow. Truly, I do. The music scene is braw and the people are lovely and the shops are all shoppy and gorgeous and plentiful. But unfortunately Edinburgh is just one of those places that gets under your skin and I am just happier there.

Reasons why I love Edinburgh:
It’s beeeeyoootiful! You get off the train and there’s this huge castle. Amazing. Can’t be beaten for just looking like you’ve stepped into some kind of fantasy film.  Especially at Christmas when it’s all lit up.
Edinburgh Castle
The layout – down one street, turn a corner, under the street you just walked along, down some steps, under another bridge, round a corner and, oh bugger, end up on the street you started on.  The history of Edinburgh is that as people got richer they built on top of the poorer people – it makes me laugh that the majority of nightclubs are all at slum level. Makes me feel special.  The street patterns make no sense and 10 years on you can still be finding new and exciting (for ‘exciting’ substitute ‘life threatening’) ways to get about the city.


Nightlife – now yes, Glasgow has lots of bars, lots of clubs and lots of music going on. But where else in the world do you have to find the best clubs by going down dodgy back alleys, under a bridge which tends to have p*** dripping from the bridge above coz some ned’s decided to relieve himself over the edge and you then run the gauntlet of some extremely bored and burly bouncers, only to enter the club and find it’s got sweat dripping off the walls, is dark, dingy and full of stinky people. But guarantee you’ll come out going ‘wow! what a fab night!’.
The best bit about it is it’s built on 7 volcanoes and that’s pretty feckin cool!
And to show you how much I love it I’m treating you to what helen calls my ‘special person on a day out’ photo, just to show how happy I look when I’m there!

Helly and Nic

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