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November 11, 2008

Didn’t lift a finger, landlord organised viewing. All I have to do is open the door and smile.

Cross fingers this’ll be the easiest room mate search in history.


Sunday Funday

November 5, 2008

Sometimes it’s nice to get out and go for a walk.  Cramond was the location of choice last Sunday.  dave


On the menu; Pebble skimming, rock climbing, scones and tea and a particularly nice waggy orange dog, followed by nice dinner and a leaving party pub crawl.  I love Sunday Funday.

Bar Sightings

October 20, 2008

I work in a cocktail bar on George Street, a perma-tanned part of Edinburgh, with clientele ranging from footballers to people saying ‘yah’ a lot and drinking Veuve Cliquot like it’s tap water) to WAG wannabes in miniskirts and a hell of a lot of tit-tape.  

Last week I saw a weird sight.

Angels at work.  In October?

‘Mature’? Really!?

September 15, 2008

Lack of blogging recently is due to a mixture of too much work, exhaustion and general apathy for thought processes 🙂

  Meanwhile, more exciting – I started uni today!  10 years after the first time!  I am now what is known as a ‘mature’ student. Hee hee.  Hee.  As if.

  I got to press loads of buttons and push levers up and down in a radio station. Funfunfun.

More on it later. Right now I’m away to curl up and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

NOW my life is complete…

August 28, 2008

Those of you who know what a devoted Hollyoaks fan I am will understand just how exciting this moment was for me!

I’d like to point out that I also met OB but he wandered off before I could chain him to my body forever more. 


Those of you who think I’ve created this in photoshop due to the image appearing to have my head stuck on someone else’s body, this is a LIE!  My head likes to float sometimes, I have no other excuse than this. But it really honestly is me.

Death by dance?

August 21, 2008

Last week – Krafty Kutz

This week – Digitalism

                   Taste and/or Dubpressure


Next week – Connect

Maybe my legs will die.  Is it possible for legs to disentegrate due to excessive dance-use?

La Clique and Office Party

August 21, 2008

So so SO much fun! If you’ve not been to either of these, make it your mission!

  La Clique is slick and sexy, combining naughtiness with acrobatics.  I went with a group of girls and my face hurt I laughed that much.  Star of the show undoubtably is Ursula Martinez (see photo above), firstly performing a strip tease hide-the-hanky routine (SHE PULLS ONE OUT OF HER BITS!!!!!), followed by a song entitled ‘I Want to be Ethnic’.  The hoop twirling dancer, acrobats and bath routine are also amazing! 

I was that impressed that when I heard she was also in the Office Party, I booked tickets the next day.  What I neglected to do was actually read what the hell the Office Party WAS.  So I took along 2 unsuspecting friends (Elaine and Mark) who both thought they were going to a one-hour comedy show.  3 hours later we were all wearing name tags, completely pissed and dancing the limbo (well, that might just have been me).   An actual office party, interspersed with games, challenges, dancing and stage acts (including the lovely Ursula Martinez once again).   

 Highlight though of my weekend of fun was meeting Ms Martinez; she grabbed my boob – my life is now complete.

Summer Festival Fun/Fatigue

August 7, 2008

So far so good, so tired.  Slept in again this morning due to body staging a protest against its owner insisting it works ridiculous hours, walks constantly and subjects itself to copious amounts of rain for sake of club promotion.  It would quite possibly help if I didn’t go out every time I’m not working, so I really should shut up! 

Highlights so far:

David O’Doherty – very very funny.  Any man who makes jokes about penguins on a plane definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Melee – only caught the sound-check due to work but awesome, and really nice lads.

Spiegel Garden – why is it such a magnetic force?  I’m clueless but it draws me in regularly, whether for working or play.   Not so fun though at 3am when all you want is to go home to bed but you’ve got to exit-flyer the place and people take soooo long to come out plus a considerable number of people appear to have the wanker gene embedded within.  (NB: to the man who breathed on me with vomit-breath, asking if I’d like to get to know him better, I’m afraid I had to decline. I hope you understand)

The atmosphere – it’s all slightly Mardi Gras-esque, even the most skeptical person can’t help but get swept along a little and find themselves enjoying it a little! 

Ditto the random chat.  The part of my job I love the best are the diverse and, frankly, bizarre chats I have with the thousands of people on club nights as they mill around the Cowgate.  I like a challenge, but some of this chat is random even for me!  Some great people out there though and lots of fun.

The special guest club nights – so many so many, and all for free! This may have something to do with my lack of sleep…

Outhouse BBQ’s – a little bit mental, great crowd, awesome tunes. Dancing to Justice during the day on a Sunday = perfect.

And the downfalls:

Missing dentist appointment that you’ve left work 2 hours early for due to too many tourists talking to the bus driver – grrrrrrr!!!

The hours – who the hell thought 5am was a good idea?  Maybe for you, my beautiful clubbing people, not so much for the staff!  My caffeine intake has trebled during the day.

The rain – why God, why!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Make it stop, my flyers are stuck together and I look like a drowned freak!

Presets cancelling.  Shite. 

 Still to come:

The last couple of Outhouse BBQ’s – fun fun fun

Pals coming to visit – always at this time of year, brilliant!

Krafty Kutz – I am oiling my dancing shoes as I speak. 

Midnight Juggernauts followed by Slam at Cabaret Voltaire – can there be a better way to spend the evening?  I may need to get that injunction MJ have against me lifted though.

Digitalism.  Enough said.

And finally:

Hydro Connect – quite possibly the event i’m looking forward to most, to be attended by some of the people I love most, plus my first time to see Sigur Ros.  My pop up tent is ready!

But for now, back to work…

The Rough Guide to…

August 4, 2008

This was taped up on the inside of the cubicle door at my work.  It’s title is ‘The Correct Way to Open Your Bowels’

I work in the Human Genetics Unit of The University of Edinburgh at the Western General Hospital. In case I need to spell it out, it’s a place that academics work, therefore some of the supposedly most highly intelligent minds use this toilet. 

Anyone else find this a little disturbing??

Enjoy, and take heed!









ps: Is it really pathetic that I laughed when I got to file this in the category of ‘La-la’s crap chat’ ?

Summer Fever

July 28, 2008

A quick post just to say to anyone that actually does read my blog that no, I haven’t stopped having a sense of humour and posts are not going to continue to be of as serious a nature as the last one.  Instead all that’s happened is i’m mega busy, working days at an office and some nights of the week as a club promoter in town (I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t add a link!)  

 When i’m not working the last thing I feel like doing is writing on the computer, hence lack of posts!  I have a feeling this is a summer condition, as I’ve noticed lack of movement also in my fellow bloggers BitsofBobs and Macca, who both are normally highly active.  Not to mention WithWood whose movement to his beloved Leith is yet to be documented.  He blames lack of internet connection; personally I reckon it’s got more to do with a new addiction to Guitar Hero (i’m onto you Wood). 

Of course I’m merely trying to justify my own feeble uselessness!  But come on, be fair!  The Spiegeltent is up and its presence calls me to it daily.  I am powerless. 

  Summer is for playing and dancing with glow sticks (my new obsession – yes, I know I am a closet gay man).  A classic example below:

…back soon!

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