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La-la on tour

April 29, 2008

I haven’t written for ages properly, been too busy.  Now to cut a long story short, a summary of why:

People came to visit. REAL people.  Multiple times as well!  These included (in order of appearance):

Lee, Nina, Mum (she’s kind of obliged, but she did enjoy talking to the fish), Gary Wood, Lee (2nd appearance – star player so far!), Elaine, many people for house party including Greg and Jpo. 

A number of London-excursions happened featuring dancing, Midnight Juggernauts, a DJ set and meeting with Bloc Party, visiting the Crack, more dancing, a house party, Banksy-hunting, snow fights, visiting the filled-in Crack and I Am Kloot.

I went to Edinburgh. And Glasgow. But mostly Edinburgh.  A fun, fun, fun time was had.  Friday night had us dancing at Cabaret Voltaire to Krafty Kuts and Annie Nightingale, Saturday we were dancing at the Hive.  There were movies, faces, monkey moves, slapping and punching (of me), faces everywhere, Champ (or here), not much sleep and a hungover shopping trip which produced little to show but a camera (but WHAT a camera!).   So many of my favourite people in the world were there, one of the best trips up so far.

After the flurry of mad activity that has been the past 3 weeks, La-la is going to rest her weary legs for the former part of this weekend, in preparation for yet another Edinburgh tour next week. 

Rumour has it though that the bank holiday in London holds many a secret gathering. 

It’d be rude not to attend.



Relocation, Relocation

January 30, 2008

Well kids, this blogger’s upping and heading down sowwwwwwwfff.  I apologise in advance if I begin to adopt the Southern accent and write vehry prawwwpehrly in the Queen’s English.  I reckon I’ll rebel and get more Glasgae just to scare all them cockneys. 

 I’ll take some blogtastic photos on the way down for you all – you lucky lucky people.

 Car’s calling me. I must not neglect him.  He could spit me out halfway and desert me somewhere around Birmingham.  Scary.

Dancing in the Street

January 29, 2008

On Sunday morning in Glasgow, hungover and sleep-deprived, 4 friends spent most of the day watching MTV, talking shite and eating raw bacon sandwiches with 2nd-rate condiments (I only had ketchup, they wanted brown sauce).

We discovered a number of things.  Firstly, that no one reads the title of a music TV show, despite it being displayed prominently in the top left hand corner of the screen.  Secondly, Jack Penate has an annoying face.  Thirdly, emo bands like to dress in fancy dress in music videos – maybe they think this means people might take them seriously?  I know I did.

This video in particular though was worth the hangover, the lack of sleep, the long queue at the ABC, and the race for the last train Sunday night.  It therefore gets the stamp of approval.  

Pay particular attention to the dance Bowie does on the stairs right at the start.   I want an all-in-one jumpsuit like his.

I am Mary Poppins

January 15, 2008

Here is the evidence:

Birdy again


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