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Sanity? Gone.

December 8, 2008

Assessment time…

Sometimes you need to let off a little steam!




Connect! The best a man can get!

August 28, 2008

i think it is fair to say i’m mildly excited about this weekend.


Not only do I get to see Sigur Ros, a band I have worshipped for many years but never seen!  BUT I am also for the first time ever in my history of festival-attendance going with two of my best friends on the planet – Jo and Helen.  We’ve never made it to one all together before, so this one is extra special.  On top of that, the rest of the crowd we’re Connect-bound with are amazing – we have the likes of Sammyfestival, Macca the amazing sleeping KitKat (apparently, although disputed by the man himself), the other side of my brain Niki (if she gets better in time!), Bobby J and Mark.  There are even rumours of an appearance by CT! 


The weather is 50:50 right now for cloudy:rain but hopefully it won’t be of torrential proportions, which I think is the only thing that could get in the way of fun fun fun…


I’ll report back soon.  Stay safe people and think of us if the world ends, drifting away in our sea of tents……..aaaaaaahhhhh……

La Clique and Office Party

August 21, 2008

So so SO much fun! If you’ve not been to either of these, make it your mission!

  La Clique is slick and sexy, combining naughtiness with acrobatics.  I went with a group of girls and my face hurt I laughed that much.  Star of the show undoubtably is Ursula Martinez (see photo above), firstly performing a strip tease hide-the-hanky routine (SHE PULLS ONE OUT OF HER BITS!!!!!), followed by a song entitled ‘I Want to be Ethnic’.  The hoop twirling dancer, acrobats and bath routine are also amazing! 

I was that impressed that when I heard she was also in the Office Party, I booked tickets the next day.  What I neglected to do was actually read what the hell the Office Party WAS.  So I took along 2 unsuspecting friends (Elaine and Mark) who both thought they were going to a one-hour comedy show.  3 hours later we were all wearing name tags, completely pissed and dancing the limbo (well, that might just have been me).   An actual office party, interspersed with games, challenges, dancing and stage acts (including the lovely Ursula Martinez once again).   

 Highlight though of my weekend of fun was meeting Ms Martinez; she grabbed my boob – my life is now complete.


June 15, 2008

La la la la la la!

Tis a long time since I put fingers to keys.  

I thought I’d write a wee bit about the weekend of pure utter brilliance that was:

One week on, I’ve still not recovered from its after-effects.  Pleasant light-headed delirium (especially amusing when at work) turned to tiredness coupled with a spaced-out feeling which continued for so long that I began to worry that perhaps Rockness was permanent?  This subdued into extreme tiredness which has now eventually turned into flu.  

My punishment for fun.  Perhaps.  Was it worth it? Too bloody right!

Check out the VIEW!!!

I went with what soon became some of my favourite ever festival-people, and loads more joined as the weekend went on, meaning there was always someone around to play or dance with.  My music highlights included Digitalism, Underworld, Midnight Juggernauts, Fatboy Slim and Editors (who I normally hate!).


Aside from the music, what made Rockness in my top 2 festivals of all time was the general atmosphere.  After the music finished, people were still on top form, everyone was having an amazing time, and the banter was top class!!

La-la’s Stamp of Approval:

A tip for anyone this summer going to a festival: POP UP TENTS! 

 It’s a house, a dining table, a bar, a chair and a bed all in one!

La-la on tour

April 29, 2008

I haven’t written for ages properly, been too busy.  Now to cut a long story short, a summary of why:

People came to visit. REAL people.  Multiple times as well!  These included (in order of appearance):

Lee, Nina, Mum (she’s kind of obliged, but she did enjoy talking to the fish), Gary Wood, Lee (2nd appearance – star player so far!), Elaine, many people for house party including Greg and Jpo. 

A number of London-excursions happened featuring dancing, Midnight Juggernauts, a DJ set and meeting with Bloc Party, visiting the Crack, more dancing, a house party, Banksy-hunting, snow fights, visiting the filled-in Crack and I Am Kloot.

I went to Edinburgh. And Glasgow. But mostly Edinburgh.  A fun, fun, fun time was had.  Friday night had us dancing at Cabaret Voltaire to Krafty Kuts and Annie Nightingale, Saturday we were dancing at the Hive.  There were movies, faces, monkey moves, slapping and punching (of me), faces everywhere, Champ (or here), not much sleep and a hungover shopping trip which produced little to show but a camera (but WHAT a camera!).   So many of my favourite people in the world were there, one of the best trips up so far.

After the flurry of mad activity that has been the past 3 weeks, La-la is going to rest her weary legs for the former part of this weekend, in preparation for yet another Edinburgh tour next week. 

Rumour has it though that the bank holiday in London holds many a secret gathering. 

It’d be rude not to attend.


Blog Block

April 10, 2008

It’s a sad day when you go to blog and all you can think of is snow falling in London. There’s GOT be something more exciting than that to talk about!  It landed in 3 hours, stayed a further 3 hours and 4 days later i’m still talking about it. 

Right, well here’s a token picture of me getting hit in the face by a snowball by Lee to keep you amused for now. You can’t actually see the snowball, however what is obvious is the look of pure determination turning to glee as he realises he’s actually managed to hit his target.  My camera survived to tell the tale.

No one is safe when Lee’s got a snowball urge

I promise to find something more blogworthy in the near future. Perhaps I’ll try a tramp-lifestyle for a bit


Dancing in the Street

January 29, 2008

On Sunday morning in Glasgow, hungover and sleep-deprived, 4 friends spent most of the day watching MTV, talking shite and eating raw bacon sandwiches with 2nd-rate condiments (I only had ketchup, they wanted brown sauce).

We discovered a number of things.  Firstly, that no one reads the title of a music TV show, despite it being displayed prominently in the top left hand corner of the screen.  Secondly, Jack Penate has an annoying face.  Thirdly, emo bands like to dress in fancy dress in music videos – maybe they think this means people might take them seriously?  I know I did.

This video in particular though was worth the hangover, the lack of sleep, the long queue at the ABC, and the race for the last train Sunday night.  It therefore gets the stamp of approval.  

Pay particular attention to the dance Bowie does on the stairs right at the start.   I want an all-in-one jumpsuit like his.

The Story of Aberfeldy and How One Speech Can Change the World

January 6, 2008

Boys dressed as girlsTeam Nic C (aka the best)Following years of unsatisfying and frankly shite hogmanay celebrations, normally spent freezing my arse off somewhere crammed on the Mound in Edinburgh coz we left it too late again to leave for the street party, this year a load of my friends and I decided to hire this bunkhouse in Aberfeldy.

 Now i’m not going to bore the (frankly already obviously bored!) few people who read my blog by describing every details but here are a few highlights!:

  • Hugs – I love hugs! I don’t like them from just anyone, but this lot were amazing!
  • Uno – the cheating, the anguish, the victory (mine)
  • Bollocks – the word that clinched Trivial Pursuit victory for team Nic C
  • Lee Shannon – his speech was worth his train fare alone; Lee has the ability to make everyone laugh whilst at the same time (sorry for the sentamentality) touching everyone’s hearts in the process! 
  • Ridiculous amounts of alcohol, including some particularly weird-tasting/looking liqueurs stolen from various parental stocks. Responsible for much of the weirdness throughout.
  • Boys being girls – Classic. Never knew they were that way inclined, however these boys made pretty ladies; makeup, dresses, high heels all made an appearance on various boys. Personally I found these trannies hard to resist….
  • Backwards clothes – seemed so logical at the time but am having a hard time remembering why…
  • Beerfest – an opportunity for Sam McMillan to whine, but set the standard of bad films everywhere and I wouldn’t have missed it!
  • Singing – with Greg Sanderson on guitar, Macca on percussion, Jamie Smith (mostly gay!) on lead vocals, Kate Beeching MC/soprano, the whole group on backing vocals and…not to be ignored (ever!) Sam McMillan on harmonica.  Genius.

Without trying to make anyone puke (although feel free if so inclined), I had the best hogmanay in years with my weird urban family. I love these guys!

A few highlights:

Team Nic C (AKA The Winners)

Team Nic C (aka the best)

Boys Dressed as Girls:

Boys dressed as girls

If 2008 continues as it began, I will be one happy girl!

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