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What’s going on?

September 5, 2013

Fast-forward three years. I’m in Sussex.  What a random place to end up.

There are a number of things that are slightly odd about Sussex. Firstly – there’s no music. None.  The odd pubs with men with guitars, the odd Irish band. But a proper gig? No. You have to go to Brighton or to London.

Problem is – I haven’t got the money to go to London and I can’t be bothered to go to Brighton. It’s not even that it’s that far – it’s just awkward. Really awkward. Went to a Graham Coxon gig in Brighton last year – we got lost somewhere down the line and ended up at some random station in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even think the station staff knew where they were.

Interestingly – if you Google Sussex you get a few pictures of pretty churches, but most of all – chickens. Apparently many people in Sussex keep chickens.


So what do we do in Sussex?

Good question. People round here seem to do one or another of the following:

  • Trips away at weekends – not us, we’ve no money and I have a husband (yup – husband!) who works in a bar at weekends.
  • The gym.  I hate the gym. Discussions revolve around a) how many times you go to the gym and b) which classes you attend. Yawn.
  • Generic. Outdoor. Activity. Be it sailing, cycling, tennis, camping or horse riding, you’ll do one of these (or all!) if you live in Sussex. I plumped for the latter.

Three years on from my last post and I am married and the owner of a horse. It’s fine – as long as you don’t talk to anyone else who owns a horse. They’re all a bit…horsey.

I like to think of mine as a rather large dog. He follows me round, licks my face and sheds everywhere.


Sunday Funday

November 5, 2008

Sometimes it’s nice to get out and go for a walk.  Cramond was the location of choice last Sunday.  dave


On the menu; Pebble skimming, rock climbing, scones and tea and a particularly nice waggy orange dog, followed by nice dinner and a leaving party pub crawl.  I love Sunday Funday.

I never did get around to blogging Connect

October 23, 2008

Ok, here we go:

Connect was really good!


Journos on Parade

October 7, 2008

Wow.  It’s been a while.

So what’s new?  One of the main reasons for my laziness is a certain 2 hour commute I now do each way to uni.  I’m studying broadcast journalism at UWS – a diploma that, in theory, promises to make me employable to radio stations.  I’m impressed at their optimism and ambition! 

  I absolutely love it though – myself and the other 11 prospective journos spend our days playing with recording and editing equipment, pouncing on unsuspecting members of the student community within Hamilton.  Yes, Hamilton.

  In case you’ve never visited Hamilton, I won’t bore you with too many details.  It’s kind of grey and bleak looking, with a couple of high rise council buildings and a dubious looking town centre.  Let’s just say that questions regarding Gordon Brown were mostly met with “I don’t really have an opinion on him” whereas the suggestion of the drinking age being raised to 21 received a far more emphatic response, all of the same view that “jakeys’ll get tha’ drink anyways, like”.  The university, however, is worth the commuting effort, with fully-equipped radio studio and the latest editing software, plus a library boasting all the books necessary to complete the course with a fair amount of knowledge (providing I stay awake long enough to read them by the time I make it home in the evenings that is!).

  I’m still a bit technologically-challenged so haven’t worked out how to transfer files from our Burli system to put onto my blog, but I’m sure at some point I’ll be able to wow you with my new found talents. 

  Our visit to Real Radio and Radio Clyde last week was brilliant –

the staff at both were more than happy to show us around and chat to us.  We even met (and were stalked by) the Stereophonics – bloody hell though, Kelly Jones is a short man!  He’s like a wee Lego figure.

ps cheers to Ronnie and the course blog, where I nicked the photo from!! Check it out at

Connect! The best a man can get!

August 28, 2008

i think it is fair to say i’m mildly excited about this weekend.


Not only do I get to see Sigur Ros, a band I have worshipped for many years but never seen!  BUT I am also for the first time ever in my history of festival-attendance going with two of my best friends on the planet – Jo and Helen.  We’ve never made it to one all together before, so this one is extra special.  On top of that, the rest of the crowd we’re Connect-bound with are amazing – we have the likes of Sammyfestival, Macca the amazing sleeping KitKat (apparently, although disputed by the man himself), the other side of my brain Niki (if she gets better in time!), Bobby J and Mark.  There are even rumours of an appearance by CT! 


The weather is 50:50 right now for cloudy:rain but hopefully it won’t be of torrential proportions, which I think is the only thing that could get in the way of fun fun fun…


I’ll report back soon.  Stay safe people and think of us if the world ends, drifting away in our sea of tents……..aaaaaaahhhhh……

Death by dance?

August 21, 2008

Last week – Krafty Kutz

This week – Digitalism

                   Taste and/or Dubpressure


Next week – Connect

Maybe my legs will die.  Is it possible for legs to disentegrate due to excessive dance-use?

La Clique and Office Party

August 21, 2008

So so SO much fun! If you’ve not been to either of these, make it your mission!

  La Clique is slick and sexy, combining naughtiness with acrobatics.  I went with a group of girls and my face hurt I laughed that much.  Star of the show undoubtably is Ursula Martinez (see photo above), firstly performing a strip tease hide-the-hanky routine (SHE PULLS ONE OUT OF HER BITS!!!!!), followed by a song entitled ‘I Want to be Ethnic’.  The hoop twirling dancer, acrobats and bath routine are also amazing! 

I was that impressed that when I heard she was also in the Office Party, I booked tickets the next day.  What I neglected to do was actually read what the hell the Office Party WAS.  So I took along 2 unsuspecting friends (Elaine and Mark) who both thought they were going to a one-hour comedy show.  3 hours later we were all wearing name tags, completely pissed and dancing the limbo (well, that might just have been me).   An actual office party, interspersed with games, challenges, dancing and stage acts (including the lovely Ursula Martinez once again).   

 Highlight though of my weekend of fun was meeting Ms Martinez; she grabbed my boob – my life is now complete.

…and here are the headlines at lunchtime

July 1, 2008

It’s official.  Today began yet another change in my land.  With one phone call I have been catapaulted back to university and am off to begin the new leg of my career in September to study Broadcast Journalism for 8 months.

Welcome back student poverty.  Goodbye money, our relationship was brief but fun.  Hello student discount.  

I aim to eventually look like the example above, although in true female form I’ll be substituting the tweed for pastels.

Lady of Leisure

June 25, 2008

Some people may be wondering what’s happening following the heroic escape from London by this young blogger.  Most people probably couldn’t give a shit.  But considering that I am unemployed I reckon I can spare the time to document it anyway.

I was worried I’d be bored sans job but I’m finding there are so many ways to occupy time when you’re unemployed!

Walking is the favourite activity.  To town. From town. Around town.  A multi-purpose activity (and ALWAYS in time to the ipod!) it not only keeps me fit, but also provides perfect opportunity for people-watching.  On my stomping missions I’ve caught up with many people and seen so much.  

Have a guess where I am in this case!

The colonies:

Job hunting is obviously an important way to pass some time!  Without this activity, unemployment would lose its novelty value due to the horrifying prospect of it becoming a permanent state.

Couch and flat surfing provides a variety to life I’ve never appreciated before; each morning waking up brings the confusion of “where in the world am I today then?”  Sometimes the realisation is instant, sometimes it does take a while, however like a trooper I soldier on! 

I like the diversity of the company I’m keeping, it keeps everything fresh.  Today’s chat with the latest ‘flatmate’ compared the merits of a man who makes a “mean pineapple upside-down cake” versus one who is “really into bicycles”.  The jury’s out.

  I have 4 temporary ‘hosts’ – one couple, an ex-flatmate, one student on vacation (bad – leads to daytime drinking) and a guy who’s had to ‘girl-proof’ the flat by putting a lock on the bathroom, buying in the chocolate in bulk and other such sophistications.  This all finishes on Sunday when I get to finally move into my new place and unpack my now-battered suitcase!  Ah, clean socks. I can’t wait.

One of my homes:

In just over a week I feel I’ve done pretty well for myself – my successes include a new flat, a temp job with a law firm, an unconditional offer for the postgraduate university course which will be the start of my fledgling TV and radio career, and a part-time job with a nightclub doing promotional work and securing free entry for me and friends to gigs and clubnights for the rest of the summer.  I’d say that was a pretty good use of time! 

La-la Versus Technology

May 26, 2008

Me and technology have a love-hate relationship.


My new widescreen TV.  

Oh wow, it’s so pretty! It’s opposite the end of my bed, so just like having a home cinema.  I can almost see already the beautiful camera angles and ambitious panoramic shots from the various movies I’ll be watching.  Everything will be brighter, sharper.   I might not even need my glasses – not that I can find them anyway.


I have no remote control. 

…or aerial. 

…or DVD player.  It’s in Edinburgh.  I am in London. 

I just stare at it.




Movies. In general.  Online, at cinema, on TV, on DVD. 

Going to a friend’s house to watch a DVD (in this case, pal Jo’s house on rainy bank holiday Monday to watch Run Fatboy Run).


DVD disappearing into the abyss that is the body of the DVD player. 

Spending an hour taking the DVD player apart with a screwdriver to retrieve it. 

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