Music Sunday

As a person with OCD walking into Britney Spears’ brain, so was my response to my current music library.

  I’m an impulsive downloader, a compulsive house-mover and a worker of 60-70 hour weeks for 2 years.  This makes for a very unhappy state of affairs to the point where I could no longer look my playlist in the face.  I was a fan of the alphabetised CD collection.  Now, with a reliance on ITunes, I find I can’t locate what I need.  I hate it.

It’s put me off.  Completely.

Who can be arsed to mess about, trying to find a decent song when needing to walk to work.  I gave up and relegated the IPod to a desk drawer.  But the result is a Moyles Misery of car journeys.  I haven’t felt like myself for months.  A year maybe.  It’s all related to my lack of organisation.  I blame myself; as the average ex-husband – or ex-wife – laments, “if only I’d made more time for us”.  If only.

I find myself, bizarrely, with a free Sunday, and the perfect way to fill it.  So, Innis & Gunn at the ready, I set about unjumbling the mass of poorly-filed, mass-downloaded mp3s. 

  How to stay positive in these needy times?  Radiohead of course.  In Rainbows, an album which will, consistently, pick me up – despite my other half’s hatred of Radiohead.  This is why it comes to my aid only when alone as, at other times, I am forced to endure the woeful tones of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. 

I’m finding…

a tune here.

a tune there.

tunes I’d thought were lost.

and others that I never even realised I had!  (obviously product of a drunken epic downloading session)

I feel better already.  And the summer approaches – filled with festivals, gigs, listings and hours on end spent picking through the dark overtones, selecting those more appropriate for the outside.  My mojo is back and it’s kicking off with Krafty Kuts on Friday.  Who’s in?


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