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Slave to the Trade

November 25, 2009

No, no, i’m not a prostitute.

HELLO! I’m back!  What a break.  What a long long absence.  I yawn, and stretch my arms out to the sides, luxuriously like a langur monkey.

Oh yes.  A monkey.

I missed you.  I missed you all! 

I was a slave. A slave to the trade.  Hooked up to an infernal earpiece of torture – one that was accessed by four and twenty voices at once, all requesting my presence in kitchens, on bars and in restaurants.  For I have been enmeshed within the confines of hospitality.  Every day making the world a better place, for the diners on sashimi, the drinkers of Tanqueray and the nibblers of bar bites. 

  But never fear – the soul is still intact.  Alas the music has lapsed.  No time.  So little time.  But with avengence I jump back onto the bandwagon of indie, of rock, of electro and of dance.    They were not neglected.  There was always listening, always appreciating.  Just little recording and speaking and attending.

  Hello to you all, my fellow bloggers, my friends and any enemies I may have.  For today is my 2nd day of unemployment and, I have to say, it rather becomes me.

  So here, to celebrate.  Is a little of what I’ve been listening to over the past 4 months…


Thunder on ma Heed

November 24, 2009

Wowee the people above me are loud on their feet!

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