New Hoose

I don’t know many people who’ve not heard about my new flat.  I love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it….

Just me and the boy – we get to watch all manner of trash TV and The Wire.  We have a garden, although already I came a cropper down the stairs and broke open my arm.  Whoopsie.   Still, it’s a talking point, eh?  Although do you really want folk to start a conversation with you that begins ‘Ugh, what happened!?!’

In this flat I everything I want and need, except perhaps a pony.  I even got cable, which Dave was dead set against – woohoo, another war won by myself. 

  No one will ever know the extent of despair that reached me in the old flat of brown, weed-smelling and dank, small kitchen, many bodies, lack of space.  Here I have an expanse of wooden floor, a garden out front AND back and a bathroom only for two. 

Pics to follow when I find my camera in the boxes that I’ve not got around to unpacking…28hgcoverpool1


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