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A totally Spam experience

June 30, 2009

The last thing you expect when you go for a temp job is a run-in with Spam. 

I’ll roll back a little…

Uni’s a distant memory once again and it’s staying that way (yes I know I’ve said that before but this time i’m swearing by it!).  I’m a qualified Broadcast Journalist with a few shifts coming my way from various quarters and a couple of interesting roads to take.  

  Just now though Im concentrating on getting some dosh to get back on track.  Oh and I need new shoes after my repair job bought me a couple of months, but no more than that.  So as well as the usual barwork I do shaking my guns on the bar of the Lily (and what guns they are now!), I went for an admin temp job.  Easy work – 4.5 hours a day for just over seven squid and not exactly rocket science.

However on my arrival I found something rather nasty lurking in the fridge…


Now, i’m of the opinion that people should be free to eat what they want but surely an unexpected Spam in the fridge is pushing the boundaries a little?


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