Revision blindness

Occasionally my blog’s a whingeing tool.   Today this is the case.

I’m tired of revising.  I have my exam tomorrow morning and I can’t do anything more because my brain hurts.  It’s not even full.  I quite clearly haven’t done enough yet for this exam, but I’ve got a mental block.  I just don’t care anymore.  But to not revise is to throw away an entire year’s work.


The subject: Public Affairs.  The Barnett Formula, Scottish voting systems, blah blah.  It’s not even that it’s completely uninteresting.  Some of it is. 

It’s sunny outside; what I wouldn’t give to be lying on the grass drinking a Corona.  Ahhhh…. 🙂

Isn’t it a little bit sad that you study so much supposedly to give yourself a better future, when you’re just missing out on life as it’s happening in the now?  Maybe i’ve been studying too long.  Well it has been seven years.  With a wee break in the middle.

I really hope this is worth the effort.

Meanwhile I feel sad and weird, like a deflated balloon.



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