My tips for the recession…

In this time of recession everyone’s making do.

So here’s the step by step guide to making do by me.

1. Buy boots when you once earned a living and had money, as opposed to being a scabby student-type.

2. Wear said boots to every gig, night out and field visit for at least 2 years.

3. Put foot in boot one day during summer and rip lining.

4. Put foot in other boot a month later and rip lining.

5. Realise boots have got to disgusting tatty point and are putting people off food, so appeal to mother to buy new shoes for Christmas.

6. Wear new shoes in rain every day for 3 months on commute to Hamilton from Edinburgh (see exhibit A)


7. Find parts of new shoes lying all over flat and realise no choice but to revert to boots

8. Examine boots for possibilities of improvement

9. Break out the trusty needle and thread – thank you convent education


10. et Voila! 



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