Almost Famous

Music fans get their kicks in a variety of fashions.  It used to be buying the new album on day of release, preferably a special edition only released for five minutes with some kind of weird and wacky packaging.  Shiny. 

  You’d run your hand over the sleeve as you exit the shop, clutching the bag tightly to you as the excitement grows to get home and savour the delights of the new tunes. 

  In these days of downloading I have to say the magic, for me, is lost.  Much of my music is downloaded – it’s easier and cheaper, plus I move far too frequently to risk the upheaval to my CD collection, therefore they remain in storage (thanks Mark).  There’s no sleeve, just a digital representation of the artwork, jostling for position in the itunes library and somewhat cramped next to my hundreds of remixes.  There’s no CD case to sit, proudly, on my desk, alerting passers by to the presence of my new purchase and subsequent ‘cool-ness’ that can be deemed from being the first in your group to own it.

  Gigs have somewhat surpassed the record-purchase.  To own a coverted ticket for a small-venue gig of a major-label band earns a certain degree of kudos.  One friend of mine has, on display in a glass frame, tickets from every gig he’s ever attended.  Alas – mine are in boxes stored in various locations in hope that, one day, they will be reunited in their glory.  I’ve attended hundreds – maybe thousands – of gigs.  Clubs, stadiums, arenas, festivals.  Every ticket was begged stolen, borrowed or frantically queued for over the phone or on Ticketmaster’s frustrating website system.  Then there are the ones you missed, or couldn’t quite get the ticket for.  For me the regrets are Massive Attack August 2004 – couldn’t make it due to assignment due the next day (I still have the ticket), Arctic Monkeys NME tour April 2006 (sold out in 10 mins, mostly to ticket touts) and Regina Spektor, Queen’s Hall Edinburgh 2007 (I needed money and someone was willing to pay through the nose for them!). 

  I’ve been in gig-limbo these last 6 months due to uni – no time, no money – but uni is ending and the thoughts are returning to normal.  However I’ve upped my game. 

  For a clue as to how, watch this space…all will be revealed.



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