You know you love me….XOXO

What is it about Gossip Girl that girls love?

I’m an intelligent, educated and independent woman with more than enough to fill my life – career, a love-life, friends.  So why do I find myself compelled to know what’s going on with the Upper East Siders?  I can’t help it – it fascinates me.  The total unreality of this world where 17 year olds have penthouses and take coke in the back of limousines, attend masquerade balls and wear couture.


I’ve narrowed it down to two areas:

One – Fashion.  Once we had Sex and the City.  Granted, the outfits were hideous and no one could possibly imagine anyone actually wearing them.  But the labels, the shows….the Manolos, the Dior, the Prada…phew….it was worth it just for those.

Gossip Girl’s taken the reins – these girls wear the kind of outfits originally championed by Clueless – innocent but sexy, schoolgirl meets vamp.  Their party outfits make Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe look cheap. 

Two – gossip.  Let’s face it, women LOVE to gossip.  How many times have our beautifully sculpted (aye, right) bums literally just hit the seat before the words ‘oh my god, you’ll never believe what I heard…’ are utted by an enthusiastic pal just dying to share the latest.  Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, often it’s bitchy.  But girls will be girls.  So recently I’ve been making an effort to keep the gossip to a minimum.  Perhaps this is why i’m letting a TV show take over?

Does anyone else think though that the gossip side of the programme isn’t as prominant as advertised?  For those of you in the dark, this programme revolves around a mysterious ‘voice’ (voiced by Kristin Bell of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and more importantly – Heroes – fame).  This voice is the mysterious Gossip Girl, whose website of gossip is supplied by the over-privileged.  No one knows who she is, but supposedly it’s impossible to get up to anything in this town without her finding out.

Should I ponder this any longer? 

Nah – Jenny’s going to a sleepover at Blair’s house and they’re playing truth or dare.

Love you.  XOXO


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