Nae Youtube!?! Bastards.

The end of an era?  perhaps.

Dawn broke this morning on a sad day for bloggers and anyone who likes getting their music fix by YouTube.

According to reports there’s a dispute going on between PRS (the agency that looks after the copyright of music artists, for anyone interested) and Google (scroogey owners of YouTube who, quite frankly, should know better).

  One side says they’re being asked to pay too much for their licence to use music videos.  The other says cheeky people are trying to pay less than they should for the privilege.

  Either way – WHO CARES!?!  Don’t you make enough money Google? 

This is an appeal on behalf of music lovers everywhere who wish to have the freedom to look up and peruse songs and videos of new artists:

   “Just give us what we want and keep the music alive!”

So here’s my final (maybe?) offering from the ‘tube for your viewing and listening pleasure. 

Little Boots: Meddle


2 Responses to “Nae Youtube!?! Bastards.”

  1. Omar Says:

    Ahh brilliant, have you heard her cover of Love Kills?
    It’s on, right here if you’ve got it installed

  2. bitsOfBobs Says:

    3 instruments at once? too big for her little boots me thinks 🙂

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