Is it…

..a new year?    I think so!  Not ventured out yet due to revision/assessments/essays/comfy sofas*  (*delete as appropriate)

..time to learn to cook? YES!  Inspired by my pal Rob Johnson’s new year list I will be making a new dish every week, taken from the pages of books, the screens of tv and the listings of t’internet.

..the year I turn 30? No. HAAH! In yer face.

..nearly festy time again?  oh yes. I can feel the stirrings of ticket-purchase-itch already.  This year I am selective. No T for me.

..about bloody time I watched the Godfather Trilogy?  Hmmm…if I must.

..the 29th year of my life that I refuse to join the gym?  Quite possibly. exciting year for music/film?  The jury’s out.  So far I’ve been promised fun and frolics from Tom Waites’ former nanny, a lady called GaGa and the new album from Franz Ferdinand (honestly, does anyone care?). 


Personally I’m off this Tuesday to see my pal’s band called Y’all Is Fantasy Island at Cab Vol.  If you’re free, IT’S free and they’re good so get off your bum.



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