The Rough Guide to…

This was taped up on the inside of the cubicle door at my work.  It’s title is ‘The Correct Way to Open Your Bowels’

I work in the Human Genetics Unit of The University of Edinburgh at the Western General Hospital. In case I need to spell it out, it’s a place that academics work, therefore some of the supposedly most highly intelligent minds use this toilet. 

Anyone else find this a little disturbing??

Enjoy, and take heed!









ps: Is it really pathetic that I laughed when I got to file this in the category of ‘La-la’s crap chat’ ?


2 Responses to “The Rough Guide to…”

  1. Omar Says:

    That’s brilliant – if you look at the final picture, you can quite happily drop a magazine/book into his hands. I must be a natural!

    Too much detail…

  2. Nic Says:

    Yes – I did think when I looked at it that they lacked some kind of reading material. Perhaps a copy of ‘Nuts’ or some other such gems that I find lying about in male bathrooms??

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