Summer Fever

A quick post just to say to anyone that actually does read my blog that no, I haven’t stopped having a sense of humour and posts are not going to continue to be of as serious a nature as the last one.  Instead all that’s happened is i’m mega busy, working days at an office and some nights of the week as a club promoter in town (I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t add a link!)  

 When i’m not working the last thing I feel like doing is writing on the computer, hence lack of posts!  I have a feeling this is a summer condition, as I’ve noticed lack of movement also in my fellow bloggers BitsofBobs and Macca, who both are normally highly active.  Not to mention WithWood whose movement to his beloved Leith is yet to be documented.  He blames lack of internet connection; personally I reckon it’s got more to do with a new addiction to Guitar Hero (i’m onto you Wood). 

Of course I’m merely trying to justify my own feeble uselessness!  But come on, be fair!  The Spiegeltent is up and its presence calls me to it daily.  I am powerless. 

  Summer is for playing and dancing with glow sticks (my new obsession – yes, I know I am a closet gay man).  A classic example below:

…back soon!


4 Responses to “Summer Fever”

  1. Macca Says:

    I have to disagree, I think my blog frequency is pretty much normal….

    It’s true tho, it has been rather quiet the last few months…

  2. Nic Says:

    i think you’ve scraped through with that last ginormous post!

  3. bitsofbobs Says:

    And Johnson is back in the game!…

  4. Nic Says:

    Both Bitsofbobs and Macca are officially redeemed! Loving the spread of non-camping.

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