Going to see Radiohead at Glasgow Green tomorrow night.  I always forget how much I love Radiohead and every now and then remind myself with a solid dose.  They were kind of a turning point for me music-wise, as I didn’t understand why people liked them for ages.  A friend of mine gave me the Bends and told me to listen to it on repeat for a week.  It took about 2 hours of walking around Camden with my minidisc player (oh yes, how retro) blasting for me to see what she was talking about.  The last time I saw them was at Meadowbank in 2006 and I was mildly disappointed at the sound quality but remember happily swaying gently to the music with some bloke’s pint balanced on my head. 

Quite a few people are going tomorrow, it should be a great night.


2 Responses to “Radiohead”

  1. bitsofbobs Says:

    me me…pick me…I’ll see you there! woohoo hopefully the rain will behave…no tent this year…zoiks


  2. Nic Says:

    I pick you!! Don’t have your number tho so will be communicating via the Macca-man.

    Rain doesn’t exist. It is imaginary. See you toniiiiiiiiiiiiight!

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