Lady of Leisure

Some people may be wondering what’s happening following the heroic escape from London by this young blogger.  Most people probably couldn’t give a shit.  But considering that I am unemployed I reckon I can spare the time to document it anyway.

I was worried I’d be bored sans job but I’m finding there are so many ways to occupy time when you’re unemployed!

Walking is the favourite activity.  To town. From town. Around town.  A multi-purpose activity (and ALWAYS in time to the ipod!) it not only keeps me fit, but also provides perfect opportunity for people-watching.  On my stomping missions I’ve caught up with many people and seen so much.  

Have a guess where I am in this case!

The colonies:

Job hunting is obviously an important way to pass some time!  Without this activity, unemployment would lose its novelty value due to the horrifying prospect of it becoming a permanent state.

Couch and flat surfing provides a variety to life I’ve never appreciated before; each morning waking up brings the confusion of “where in the world am I today then?”  Sometimes the realisation is instant, sometimes it does take a while, however like a trooper I soldier on! 

I like the diversity of the company I’m keeping, it keeps everything fresh.  Today’s chat with the latest ‘flatmate’ compared the merits of a man who makes a “mean pineapple upside-down cake” versus one who is “really into bicycles”.  The jury’s out.

  I have 4 temporary ‘hosts’ – one couple, an ex-flatmate, one student on vacation (bad – leads to daytime drinking) and a guy who’s had to ‘girl-proof’ the flat by putting a lock on the bathroom, buying in the chocolate in bulk and other such sophistications.  This all finishes on Sunday when I get to finally move into my new place and unpack my now-battered suitcase!  Ah, clean socks. I can’t wait.

One of my homes:

In just over a week I feel I’ve done pretty well for myself – my successes include a new flat, a temp job with a law firm, an unconditional offer for the postgraduate university course which will be the start of my fledgling TV and radio career, and a part-time job with a nightclub doing promotional work and securing free entry for me and friends to gigs and clubnights for the rest of the summer.  I’d say that was a pretty good use of time! 


One Response to “Lady of Leisure”

  1. niki Says:

    Nic I think you sound like you have been very productive and am very proud of you 🙂 xx
    see you sat…

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