The perfect job?

Meanwhile I’m preparing for a very scary day tomorrow.   I’m not saying why, but please cross your fingers for me.


4 Responses to “The perfect job?”

  1. bitsofbobs Says:

    You’re going to spend the night in a cemetery on an indian burial ground?

  2. bitsofbobs Says:

    well?…did whatever it was you’re not telling anyone about turn out to be as scary as you thought?…can i uncross my fingers yet? 🙂

  3. Nic Says:

    I find out on Monday/Tuesday! It was as scary as I’d thought though. And involved a good 2 hours stuck in a pub in Motherwell reading OK! magazine. Hell.

  4. Nic Says:

    Result: I GOT IN!!!! It was an interview for a diploma in Broadcast Journalism at university. I was up against 7 other people for the 1 place left on the course, as I applied so late. I am first reserve for this year for a non-funded place starting Sept if someone drops out and I have an unconditional funded place for next year!

    Bloody scary it was too!

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