My ‘to do’ list was off to shaky start with the refusal of the resignation, however this is now accomplished with style and I am leaving on good terms. Result.

  • Resign from job – tick (with a flourish)

Yesterday there was a list victory as one of the major items was ticked off.  It came in the form of Jacqui.  It was originally meant to be in the form of Nadia, but she failed me.  Too bad.   

  • Find someone for London room – accomplished

My life right now is spent on the internet and I’m going to start signing out of msn as I’m sure my friends all think I’ve got nothing better to do.  I am laboriously flat hunting, job hunting and filling in forms.  Today I have 2 scary forms to fill in – 1 job application and a university application.  

  • Job hunt – in progress (slightly distracted by university application)
  • Flat hunt – in progress (hampered by lack of flat viewing ability due to distance from target)

Today is a day for goodbyes.  Ah.  They have been my faithful companions (granted they have no choice about this), watching my every move (again, no choice, although they could turn around and face the other way if they really wanted!).  Today I must pack up the fishes belongings and send them off to their new home. In the sky.  No, not really.  In the toilet.  Again, no. 

  • Find new home for fish – tick (sniff)

Next weekend leaves no time for these formalities as I’m off to Rockness for the weekend – woohoo, festival season begins!  I’m visiting the gang – Fatboy, Midnight Juggernauts (having seen them 3 times in a month now they may think I’m a weird stalker), Mystery Jets etc….  The following week has already been dictated to me by various organised house and work leaving parties.  Phewww, it’s a hard life for this blogger. 

ps I swear my next blog will be more exciting than about lists.  I’m sorry (hangs head in shame)


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