A little commercial break

About a month ago I was in a club and heard a great song. On further investigation (i.e. I asked the DJ) I discovered this was Santogold.  Since then she’s been hyped to f**k so I was reluctant to take my interest any further by jumping on this particular bandwagon. 

However, there’s no avoiding it.  Some great tunes and an overall great album!  Here’s L.E.S. Artistes for your viewing (and acoustic) pleasure.


8 Responses to “A little commercial break”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    It’s clearly the best song on the album though.

  2. Nic Says:

    I disagree! It was just the only one I had a video for.

  3. Gary Wood Says:

    So which is better, hmmm?

  4. Nic Says:

    I’m going to save this for a fight this weekend involving vodka and water guns. Much more interesting

  5. bitsofbobs Says:

    I’m going to be controversial…If this is as good as it gets, the rest must be awful!

  6. Nic Says:

    Hmm…on Gary Wood’s side. Interesting.

    I have to say that, on continual play, this album does get rather boring and I have relegated it to my less interesting playlist.

    What can I say? It was a brief romance, not a lasting marriage.

  7. Gary Wood Says:

    The song is brilliant, pull your self together bitsofbobs

  8. bitsofbobs Says:

    All the elements are there…they just don’t work together…video, voice, instuments…actually no…I just don’t like it. I really wanted to Gary…

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