Yo-yo Nicc-ers

5 months ago (yes, really! time flies) I packed up my bags and emigrated (well, sort of) to London. 

In the last 5 months:

I’ve met some amazing people

Who helped to commandeer a bus

 Spent a hell of a lot of my life on the underground

And lunchtimes stroking goats

Accepted a pool challenge from an ‘unbeaten’ pool-player and won myself free dinner


Saw a LOT of bands!

And lived in a very nice house with 5 very nice people including Emily who makes me cake and cups of tea

Now I’m off back home to Edinburgh in 2 weeks! (if I finally get to resign)

cheers London!  We had our ups and downs; I’m the owner of an even more confused accent, I’ll never go to a doctor again in my life and I’m slightly afraid of anyone with a backpack, however I’ve perfected the art of tube surfing (having conquered one of the renowned black runs) and can barter with minicab drivers like a pro. 

(I’m waving)


2 Responses to “Yo-yo Nicc-ers”

  1. Jo Says:

    You neglected to mention how Neil promised you free dinner but never obliged! I think you should take away a WSPA hoodie and cuddle it at night in Edinburgh for the memories! lol x

  2. Nic Says:

    This is the truth. He has promised however to rectify this situation before I leave!

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