I Challenge Thee

I set thee forth a challenge.  The following image exists on a building near me in Balham.  I think the building said that it was a headquarters for some kind of association or something. 


The first person to find the meaning will receive a prize…….time starts…..NOW!


3 Responses to “I Challenge Thee”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    Something to do with the Olympic games?

    A picture from a coin?

    An eagle held prisoner, holding a torch.

    What is the answer, google and jeeves don’t have a clue!!!

  2. Nic Says:

    that’s the point! i tried all these things! no jeeves. no google. no one knows. have tried putting it into history sites and EVERYTHING. at this rate i’m going down there to ask

  3. ct Says:

    The eagle tends to symbolise power/freedom, and the torch = a symbol of hope, freedom and faith.

    So, with the chain, it must have something to do with a struggle for freedom, and a belief that that freedom will eventually come.

    That, or they’re a pet shop with eagles for sale?

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