There’s been a murder.

Returning from a trip to the homeland, I received a report regarding a missing person, or rather, fish.  Search teams donned underwater gear and began a fingertip search of the local area.  At 11:21pm last night they found the body. 

You may find the following images disturbing:



The victim has not yet been formally identified.  It is thought that he might be a local fish.  Detectives have opened an investigation and have said they suspect this death was not an accident; there are five suspects in custody and police will be interviewing all five today.  This is all the information right now, updates will be posted as soon as they are made available. 

Meanwhile, if you knew the victim, please call our support line on 08009 453 876 76


4 Responses to “Whodunnit?”

  1. Nina (smallest fish!) Says:

    I can’t believe u published pictures of the dead fish! That actually upset me a little!
    And-I’m the smallest fish in the tank?? What if I get eaten?! Leebo?-HUGE!!
    I shall reside in the foliage from now…

  2. Nic Says:

    I did put a warning!
    It’s a crime – nothing about a crime is pleasant!

  3. Nic Says:

    ps how do you think I feel!?? he was my new family! 😦 sniff…!

  4. Gary Wood Says:

    Leebo, in the cave, with a piece of gravel.

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