Introducing…the stars of Fishblog

In alphabetical order…

Gary Wood


Easily recognisable as one of the two white and largest fish on the block, Gary Wood has a distinctive purple flash across his cheeks.  Usually the first to investigate any activity around the tank, Gary Wood is a friendly comedic fish, however he doesn’t take any shit from his conspecifics and can be a bit of a barger.



Don’t let the masculine sounding name deceive you – her floating fins and red and white patchy colouring mark Harry out as a model fish in the making.  A popular fish, she drifts around the others and tends to be pretty central to the tank.  She’s very close to her fellow girl fish and is mostly to be found gossiping with Nina and sister Jpo.



The first of the gang to be named, Jpo is a goldfish with a twist. Demure at first glance, she turns round to display fabulous white floaty fins.  A social butterfly, Jpo enjoys nothing more than catching up with her pals Nina, Gary Wood, Leebo and sister Harry.  In her spare time she relaxes by taking long luxurious baths. 



Don’t let the size of this fish deceive you; a gentle giant, Leebo is the daddy of the group, looking out for his fellow piscines.  Easily recognisable due to his size and the fact that he is white and not orange, Leebo is a sensitive fish, a writer of long prose and fine orator.   Very popular with the ladies in the tank.



Although popular with her fellow fish, Nina is an extremely laid back fish who can normally be found enjoying leisurely swims among the foliage at the back of the tank.  An individual, she has fabulous floaty orange fins which catch the light and, despite her small size (she is the smallest of the group), she stands out at once.  


3 Responses to “Introducing…the stars of Fishblog”

  1. weenie Says:

    Great names for your fish! I have two – one’s called Cedric, the other Fred!

  2. Nic Says:

    my fish rock! they all have personalities!

  3. Gary Wood Says:

    One name is the best. Only one.

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