Relocation, Relocation

Well kids, this blogger’s upping and heading down sowwwwwwwfff.  I apologise in advance if I begin to adopt the Southern accent and write vehry prawwwpehrly in the Queen’s English.  I reckon I’ll rebel and get more Glasgae just to scare all them cockneys. 

 I’ll take some blogtastic photos on the way down for you all – you lucky lucky people.

 Car’s calling me. I must not neglect him.  He could spit me out halfway and desert me somewhere around Birmingham.  Scary.


3 Responses to “Relocation, Relocation”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    Your car is a man?

  2. Nic Says:

    Of course he is. He’s blue.

  3. Yo-yo Nicc-ers « La-La Land Says:

    […] 5 months ago (yes, really! time flies) I packed up my bags and emigrated (well, sort of) to […]

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