Why Blogging is really really hard!

I always said I wouldn’t use my blog as a personal diary.  But in that case what the heck do you use it for?  There are number of pitfalls. 

Who’s going to read it? 

If you write your opinion on world events, or religion or politics, what is the chance that someone will come across it and give you a hard time, despite it being your opinion and your blog?  Hell, you could even start a war by accident! (may I just point out that this is in extreme situations)

Can you mention people you know? Will they mind?  Will your pal ever speak to you again if you reveal their secret love of Jennifer Lopez movies?

Do you write about what you like, what you dislike? Does that not then give random strangers too much of a window into your life? Do you care?

There’s always the option of comedy – this is the option chosen by a number of bloggers I know and it definitely works, however I’d buckle under the pressure of keeping the standard high!

Writing about something close to your heart can give too much away; it leaves the writer open to criticism and, if so, can feel it is themselves that is criticised, rather than the topic itself.

Or there’s the danger of writing what feels at the time like a mild piece on life, only to discover, when seen from your reader’s eyes, that it can actually come across in a completely different light and sound insulting to people you meant to praise. 

I don’t want to insult anyone, I’m not that funny, I don’t want the world to know my life and I don’t give a shit about politics!

So what the fuck do I blog!!!?!!!


7 Responses to “Why Blogging is really really hard!”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    It’s a dilemma everyone has to face (unless they don’t blog) – we should have a meeting about this. We’ll hire out the Liquid rooms and have it there.

    When you end up in London you can tell us of all the adventures you have, the big smoke is bound to inspire you.

  2. Nic Says:

    i LOVE the idea of hiring out the liquid rooms! who makes up the creative team attending the meeting?

  3. Gary Wood Says:

    You, me and two of every type of animal.

  4. Nic Says:

    I love it! I’ll send out the animal invites today.

  5. Gary Wood Says:

    I’ll arrange the nibbles.

  6. Macca Says:

    My take on it is I just don’t care. I kind of see it more as an online (and public, oops) diary, so I just stick down whatever pops into my mind. I think that’s why I have big splurges of blog action, then periods of blog poverty.

    My advice, don’t care about anyone else!

  7. Nic Says:

    Make sure you bring lots and lots of meat otherwise the lions and tigers will eat us

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