The Story of Aberfeldy and How One Speech Can Change the World

Boys dressed as girlsTeam Nic C (aka the best)Following years of unsatisfying and frankly shite hogmanay celebrations, normally spent freezing my arse off somewhere crammed on the Mound in Edinburgh coz we left it too late again to leave for the street party, this year a load of my friends and I decided to hire this bunkhouse in Aberfeldy.

 Now i’m not going to bore the (frankly already obviously bored!) few people who read my blog by describing every details but here are a few highlights!:

  • Hugs – I love hugs! I don’t like them from just anyone, but this lot were amazing!
  • Uno – the cheating, the anguish, the victory (mine)
  • Bollocks – the word that clinched Trivial Pursuit victory for team Nic C
  • Lee Shannon – his speech was worth his train fare alone; Lee has the ability to make everyone laugh whilst at the same time (sorry for the sentamentality) touching everyone’s hearts in the process! 
  • Ridiculous amounts of alcohol, including some particularly weird-tasting/looking liqueurs stolen from various parental stocks. Responsible for much of the weirdness throughout.
  • Boys being girls – Classic. Never knew they were that way inclined, however these boys made pretty ladies; makeup, dresses, high heels all made an appearance on various boys. Personally I found these trannies hard to resist….
  • Backwards clothes – seemed so logical at the time but am having a hard time remembering why…
  • Beerfest – an opportunity for Sam McMillan to whine, but set the standard of bad films everywhere and I wouldn’t have missed it!
  • Singing – with Greg Sanderson on guitar, Macca on percussion, Jamie Smith (mostly gay!) on lead vocals, Kate Beeching MC/soprano, the whole group on backing vocals and…not to be ignored (ever!) Sam McMillan on harmonica.  Genius.

Without trying to make anyone puke (although feel free if so inclined), I had the best hogmanay in years with my weird urban family. I love these guys!

A few highlights:

Team Nic C (AKA The Winners)

Team Nic C (aka the best)

Boys Dressed as Girls:

Boys dressed as girls

If 2008 continues as it began, I will be one happy girl!


One Response to “The Story of Aberfeldy and How One Speech Can Change the World”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    Such fit birds.

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