Left and Right – originally from 5 Dec 07

Nic and NicNic and NicNic and Nic
What a braw time me and Nic H are having.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story of the separated brain, Nicola C (right side) and Nicola H (left) decided to remove brain separation anxiety, therefore Nic C moved into Nic H’s spare room in Glasgow. Having installed her trusty red light (just to set ‘the mood’), Nic C felt right at home.
In addition to Nic H accompanying me on animal emergency calls, our days are spent making cups of tea, drinking much wine and whisky, plus buying sweeties and watching various bad or weepy girl films (Nic would like to point out that we’ve watched some real boy films too). So, for the now, the right side and the left side are living like ebony and ivory. Look – she even helps to feed me beer when my hands are too cold to hold the bottle!! What a girl!!!

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