Edimburger – old blog from 14 Dec 07

This was written on my old blog so I copied it across:


I’ve just spent the last 3 days in Edinburgh. Now, just to explain, it’s not that I don’t like Glasgow. Truly, I do. The music scene is braw and the people are lovely and the shops are all shoppy and gorgeous and plentiful. But unfortunately Edinburgh is just one of those places that gets under your skin and I am just happier there.

Reasons why I love Edinburgh:
It’s beeeeyoootiful! You get off the train and there’s this huge castle. Amazing. Can’t be beaten for just looking like you’ve stepped into some kind of fantasy film.  Especially at Christmas when it’s all lit up.
Edinburgh Castle
The layout – down one street, turn a corner, under the street you just walked along, down some steps, under another bridge, round a corner and, oh bugger, end up on the street you started on.  The history of Edinburgh is that as people got richer they built on top of the poorer people – it makes me laugh that the majority of nightclubs are all at slum level. Makes me feel special.  The street patterns make no sense and 10 years on you can still be finding new and exciting (for ‘exciting’ substitute ‘life threatening’) ways to get about the city.


Nightlife – now yes, Glasgow has lots of bars, lots of clubs and lots of music going on. But where else in the world do you have to find the best clubs by going down dodgy back alleys, under a bridge which tends to have p*** dripping from the bridge above coz some ned’s decided to relieve himself over the edge and you then run the gauntlet of some extremely bored and burly bouncers, only to enter the club and find it’s got sweat dripping off the walls, is dark, dingy and full of stinky people. But guarantee you’ll come out going ‘wow! what a fab night!’.
The best bit about it is it’s built on 7 volcanoes and that’s pretty feckin cool!
And to show you how much I love it I’m treating you to what helen calls my ‘special person on a day out’ photo, just to show how happy I look when I’m there!

Helly and Nic


One Response to “Edimburger – old blog from 14 Dec 07”

  1. Stuart Frew Says:

    Nice words about Edinburgh. I was born and bred in the area and though living away for most of my life still call it home – there’s not a city in the world quite like Edinburgh.

    I like the way you describe entering the city. I have always felt this way. Up the Waverley Steps from the station and up on to Princes Street with the gardens and magnificent castle presenting Edinburgh’s best side to the visitor almost immediately.

    I agree with you – it’s STILL the place I feel happiest.


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